by Jakob Greenfeld

There are infinite opportunities to build profitable businesses thanks to the internet.I know, I know. You've heard it a thousand times before.And still, most people can't even list 5 business ideas let alone a good one.How can that be?Is the "infinite number of opportunities created by the internet" simply a lie?Definitely not.Every single day people prove that the internet truly unlocks the most incredible opportunities.There's a girl who made $400k selling baby names to Chinese parents.A guy who calls himself "The Lego Man" makes $10k/month from his paid community of people who invest in Lego as an alternative asset class.Another guy made $500k from a single PowerPoint template.So what's really going on here?Well, most people never learned how to develop winning ideas.Their idea muscle is severely underdeveloped.I know that for a fact because I was in that exact same situation two years ago. It was impossible for me to sit down and write down even five bad ideas.Just imagine if you'd been tied to a bed for the past 20 years and someone would then ask you to run a mile.That's how I felt when it came to ideation.But now here's some good news.If you're struggling to come up with ideas, it's neither your fault nor some genetic issue.Simply no one ever told you that training your idea muscle was an option and showed you how to do it.It's complete nonsense that some people are born uncreative or simply don't have a knack for spotting opportunities.Coming up with ideas is a skill anyone can learn.I learned it and you can too.

What you typically find when you search for business idea advice is either long lists of uninspired ideas or gurus telling you that their method is the only correct approach.This is extremely confusing, especially if you're just starting out.There is tons of good advice out there but it's buried under a pile of garbage.And this is why I created this course.I want to teach you in less than 5 hours what took me hundreds of hours to figure out.I'm not going to tell you about the one true method for coming up with great business ideas. As usual, there is no magic bullet. Everyone who tries to convince you otherwise is a charlatan.So instead, I'm going to tell you about all of the methods.Okay, maybe not really all of them. But at least all the good ones.And even better, I'm going to give you a framework for truly understanding these different approaches.I'm talking about a framework to make sense of frameworks for coming up with ideas.Very meta, I know. But also extremely helpful.I distilled everything I know and learned into 15 ultra-actionable lessons.The goal is simple. Together we'll rewire your brain so you'll be able to come up with ideas and spot business opportunities effortlessly.Yes, I know, that sounds too good to be true.But with ideas, it's really like with radio frequencies. Once you have the necessary tools to tune in to receive them, the music starts playing everywhere you go.This is the resource I wished had existed when I started my entrepreneurial journey.Now before you get too excited, let me warn you.It won't be easy. Sorry.The process is simple but you have to put in the reps. There's no way around it.With ideation it's no different than riding a bicycle: you can't learn it by reading alone.You have to take action and practice.Otherwise, your idea muscle will always remain as weak as it is right now.You still here?Awesome!I bet 50% of all visitors never made it that far and I lost another 20% after the warning just now.So kudos to you.Let me share some final details before we dive in.Some people might call this a course but I'd rather think of it as a challenge.The focus is really on you taking action whereas the word "course" always invokes the picture of students sitting in a boring lecture.The challenge consists of 15 exercises that I will send to your inbox over the next 15 days.Each email also contains a short lesson that will equip you with the necessary background knowledge.In total, you will need around 20 minutes per day for the lesson and exercises.Join the Better Ideas challenge.After this 15-day challenge, your ability to come up with profitable business ideas will improve significantly.I did everything I could to remove friction. Now it's up to you to make it happen.Just click this button to get started right away.

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